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Volcano E Cig Coupon Reduces Vaping Costs

With the ever-increasing cost of tobacco use, many smokers are looking for a healthier, less expensive option. For many of these individuals, vaping is the answer. Tobacco tends to cost more because of the “sin tax” that governments place on cigarettes, alcohol and similar products. While the government collection of these taxes helps to keep programs afloat, those taxes add to every packet of smokes you buy. Currently, e-cigs and vape fluids have escaped the sin tax which gives vaping a cost advantage over smoking. You can further reduce the cost of vaping by using a Volcano E Cig coupon when you buy hardware or vape fluid.

While vaping offers health advantages over smoking and some long time smokers use e-cigs as a tool to help them quit smoking, one of the primary reasons most smokers switch is for the cost savings. The Volcano E Cig coupon is another way to put more money in your pocket.

The smoker’s annual cost varies greatly based on many different factors. Heavy smokers pay more annually than casual smokers do. The brand of cigarettes you smoke can also make a big difference in what you pay to smoke. However, one of the biggest factors may be the location in which you live. For example, in the United States, the average cost of a pack of Marlboro cigarettes was $7.26, as of 2015. However, smokers in Virginia paid about $5 per pack while those in New York paid $13.50 per pack. Using the average cost, a pack a day smoker would spend $2,650 annually for cigarettes, but the actual cost can range from a low of $1818 to a high of $4928 per year. If you live in an area where tobacco products are relatively inexpensive, your cost savings for switching are lower. If you live in New York, you can see substantial savings. In either location, the Volcano e-cigarette coupon increases the savings. No matter where you live, smoking has become an expensive habit.

Vaping costs also vary greatly, based on several factors, including the type of vaping device you choose, the quality of vaping fluid you use and how much you vape. The device you choose is a big factor in determining the amount of fluid you use annually. E-cigarette users who apply a coupon each time they order supplies also pay less than those who do not use the coupon.

In general, the higher powered the vaping device, the more efficient its atomizer and tank. This means paying a little more for the device is likely to reduce the amount of e-juice you use daily.

Surveys of vape users show they use between 2 to 5 milliliters of fluid daily, with an average of 3 milliliters. For users who choose vaping devices that use cartridges, the average is approximately 1-3 cartridges.

If you already vape, you are aware of the differences in prices for fluid. Some fluids are super cheap but they may have an undesirable flavor. Fluids are available in vials ranging from 15 to 60 milliliters. If you are ordering a flavor for a trial, stick with the smaller vials that are less expensive until you discover what you enjoy. Remember to use a Volcano coupon to further reduce prices.

Assuming you use the average of 3 milliliters of fluid per day your annual cost for fluid would be between $400 and $800 annually, depending on the quality of the fluid you choose and the place you purchase it. However, you also must consider the cost of equipment with the fluid. Using an e-cig coupon could reduce the costs even more.

Overall, vaping can save you big money if you use it to replace smoking. Even if you use twice as much fluid as the average user, you would still save money in most cases. If you live in a place where the government places a high tax on tobacco products, your savings grows even larger. Additionally, studies show vaping as much safer than smoking, so you might also reduce the cost of health care related to tobacco use. For many smokers, switching to a vape offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy your habit while saving some money.

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